Sunday, May 6, 2012

im finally into surfing

yesterday on may, 5 otto had a beach party for a birthday party,and otto and porter both steped on glass. so me and brooklyn were scared to go out in the water we did not want to step on glass. so the day before ,on may, 4 ,ottos birthday, he got a wet suit ,and a surf board and i also got a surf board for a early birthday present. so when we were at the beach otto was a wienie and did not go out to surf .so i got to use ottos wet suit and brooklyn used rosenlofs wet suit and we went out into the water and brooklyn caught the tiny waves while i caught the big waves and i almost stood up . i did a double flip in the water when a wave hit. i did my first dunk dive, i padled for the first time ,and i caught my first wave!!!!!!!!we also saw this guy surfing in his speedo yesterday

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