Tuesday, February 28, 2012

fav book

i just finished reading this really good book! called run away twin... by peg kehret!!! its about this girl named sunny and her mom died when she was 3 and her and her twin sister Starr get separated. 

She goes around to a bunch of foster homes and ends up with a moman named Rita,  that she really likes. Every day she dreams about reuniting with Starr. She looks at a a photo  of her and Starr that says, Emuclaw, Washington. one day she found a bag that had over 800$ in it she tried to find the owner but couldn't.

so she decided to die her hair and travel from Nebraska to Emuclaw, wa. on the way she meet a stranded nice dog  that she named snickers. she also faced mean boys that tried to steal her money, a nice cab driver, and a tornado, she also ended up loosing her backpack with all her things in it, and saving a life. with her money swep away by the tornado she went to a rescue  center and they found her backpack. that boosted up her confidence so eventually she finds Starr.

but Starr dosen't remember her, so Starr is mad at sunny for "posing" as her sister. Starr wins this poem contest, but sunny finds out that she copied it from the internet. sunny gets mad and thinks Starr is  a brat so she goes back home to live with Rita. 

and i defenetly recomend this book to your kids.

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  1. sounds good. I'll have to get that for paige for her bday.